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Designing the Modern World Language Classroom: How to Guide Students to Proficiency

In world language teaching, there are many complementary and conflicting ideas about the "right" way to teach, and sometimes even about what our goals are for students.  Students and teachers share a common goal of language proficiency, but teachers can only design the "right" work to meet that proficiency goal by focusing on the qualities that motivate and engage the students in their classrooms.  Using the framework of the Schlechty Center's Design Qualities, this book guides world language teachers to craft the kinds of lessons that help student learning take flight.  In addition to explaining how the philosophy of design is integral to world language teaching and learning, readers will benefit from practical examples, models, and reflection questions that they can use immediately to increase student engagement in world language learning.

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About the Book: Testimonials
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Megan King Golden is the consummate educator who models the lifestyle of a lifelong learner willing to share her knowledge while searching to learn more. Here her voice invites the reader to consider a disciplined application of a framework to design work for world languages students in any high school classroom USA. The reader will find themselves reflecting, questioning, and redesigning their moral and technical practice right along with King’s honest, vulnerable, and professional collegial conversation in the text. Although written with world languages curriculum in mind, this book is an important read for any educator that desires to engage their students at any level.

Annissa Roland, Ed.D., Senior Associate, Schlechty Center

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